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Back Pain

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What Causes Back Pain?

The spine is one of the most important structures in the body, and the nerves that surround the spine aid in practically every human function imaginable. Like neck pain, back pain does not have to be caused by an injury or underlying illness for it to lead to serious problems within the body systems. Back pain can be brought on by poor posture, an uncomfortable sleeping environment, lifting or pulling too much weight, or working in an environment that keeps the body hunched over.

Relieving Back Pain

If you’re experiencing persistent back pain that negatively affects your quality of life, Dr. Tharnish and her team at the Charleston Pain Relief Center can help. Our office provides natural, non-invasive treatments that are carefully catered to fit our patients’ needs.

It’s our goal to assist Charleston residents in experiencing relief from back pain and the conditions that cause it. Because the idea of surgery is unpleasant for most people, and prolonged use of pain medication can be detrimental, we offer safe, yet highly-effective treatment options.

At Charleston Pain Relief Center, patients can expect to receive a thorough examination so that our team can determine the best treatment option. Your back pain treatment will be designed to fit your unique needs and may include a variety of spine-centered, non-invasive procedures.

Rather than masking back pain with medication, Dr. Tharnish aims to identify the underlying cause and treat pain at its source. With safe, effective treatment, you can go back to living your best possible life.


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