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Knee Pain

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What Causes Knee Pain?

Knee pain can have a variety of causes, and regardless of how knee pain developed, it can interfere with your ability to complete daily tasks. The knees can hurt due to age or following cast removal for a broken bone.

In addition, strain, heavy activity, too much weight on the joints, arthritis, and torn tissues can each cause intense pain and discomfort that may even lead to further damage as time passes.

Treating Knee Pain

Sometimes, knee pain goes away on its own, but when the pain becomes a constant issue in a person’s life, it’s a good idea to seek medical assistance. However, many people with knee pain avoid seeing a doctor because the idea of needing surgery puts them in a state of unease.

Fortunately, there are natural, non-surgical options available for North Charleston residents.

Dr. Tharnish and the professional staff at the Charleston Pain Relief Center treat knee pain with a safe, natural approach. This means that patients can experience pain relief without the need for invasive surgeries or potentially harmful, prolonged use of pain relief medications.

When you visit the Charleston Pain Relief Center, you receive a comprehensive examination and a treatment plan catered to suit your unique needs. Our team offers innovative, natural procedures to relieve knee pain by determining the cause and treating pain at the source.


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