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Neck Pain

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What Causes Neck Pain?

Several health conditions can lead to neck pain, many of which do not stem from illness or disease. Neck pain can be brought on by strain and tension, sleeping without proper support, and prolonged sitting. With so many people working from home now, neck pain is becoming more common as workers constantly strain to stare at their computer screens. The pain can be exacerbated by trying to work in an unsuitable home office.

The neck and cervical spine function are crucial to the rest of the body, and as such, chronic neck pain can negatively affect other body parts. Neck tension and pain can decrease blood flow between the brain and body, and pinch various nerves. This can lead to additional body pain and/or decreased sensation in the upper and lower limbs.

Serious neck injuries can compress the spinal cord and lead to severe injury. Because inflammation causes swelling, pressure on the nerves can spread pain, numbness, and stiffness throughout the body.

As inflammation and pressure build, the spinal cord suffers. Long-term neck pain can lead to constant headaches and even some degree of paralysis in the extremities. This is especially true when neck pain is caused by or leads to disc herniation.

Treating Neck Pain

If you’ve been experiencing long-term neck pain, and you’re looking for natural treatment options, Charleston Pain Relief Center can help. Dr. Tharnish and her team strive to provide natural relief options for a wide variety of painful conditions affecting individuals in the North Charleston, SC area. Our chiropractic treatments help patients reduce their pain levels without the need for addictive medications or invasive surgery.


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