Nerve Compression Pain

What is Nerve Compression Pain?

Nerve compression or “pinched nerves” occur when excess pressure is applied to nerves. This pressure can be from muscles, bones, or tendons, and when the pressure is placed, it disrupts the normal function of the nerve. Individuals experiencing nerve compression may experience limb weakness, numbness, tingling, and pain in the affected area.

A pinched nerve may occur as a result of injury or tension placed on the body. Often, these nerve pinches go away on their own after an individual has taken time to rest the affected area. However, in more serious cases, the pressure placed on the nerve needs medical intervention to correct.

Treating Nerve Compression Pain

In these situations, chiropractic care is ideal. Not only do chiropractors specialize in treating nerve compression and spinal misalignment (that are often the cause of pinched nerves), these offices treat patients without the need for surgeries or potentially addictive pain medications.

Dr. Tharnish and her team at the Charleston Pain Relief Center can relieve the pain of nerve compression by reducing nerve pressure. This non-invasive treatment is conducted through careful adjustments. With successful adjustment and nerve decompression, the surrounding tissue releases pressure. This release decreases pain and allows the nerve to continue functioning without interference.

If you’re experiencing nerve compression pain, we at the Charleston Pain Relief Center can help. Call us at 843-225-2550 and schedule an appointment today!