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NAD+ In North Charleston

Unlock your potential with High Dosage NAD+ Patches. Experience increased energy, enhanced focus, and peak vitality effortlessly.

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“Elevate your vitality with NAD+ Patches. Feel energized, focused, and revitalized every day”

Why NAD+ Patches?

What will NAD+ Patches Do For You?

High Dosage NAD+ Patches deliver a potent dose of NAD+ directly into the bloodstream, promoting cellular repair, enhancing metabolism, and boosting overall vitality. Our patches are designed for convenience and effectiveness, offering a simple and non-invasive way to optimize your health and well-being.

Not only do patches have much of the same benefits of IV NAD+ it comes at a fraction of the cost! Saving you time, money and completely avoids the use of needles. Our NAD+ Patches can also be used anywhere, anytime. No need to get stuck with a IV bag and needles.

3 Easy Steps

The Charleston Wellness Process

With the Charleston Pain Relief & Wellness Center you are only 3 steps away from a better, healthier life.


Step 1: Make an Appointment

Schedule an appointment to consult with our experts and learn about the benefits of NAD+ patches for your health goals.


Step 2: NAD+ Patch Application

application of NAD+ patches during your session at our clinic.


Step 3: Enjoy The Results

Experience the revitalizing effects of NAD+ as it supports your cellular health and overall well-being.


What Our Patients Have To Say

Mildred Pelaez
Mildred Pelaez
Charleston Pain Relief is localed, fifteen minutes away from home,that is wonderful for me. Once I get to the office Ms.Z,greets me with a beautiful smile. When I walk inside the work área Ms. Jessica and Ms. Stephanie greet me and start working with me.Once I am done,they send me to Dr. Johnson for my back to be adjusted. She always ask me, how do I feel and which part of my body needs help. Dr. Johnson, help my health with exercises to do it at home. When Dr.Johnson is not available,Dr. Tharnish,takes over and she is wonderful too. Ms.Jennifer the nurse is good. Also Ms.Abby, the case worker is always wlling to help me to find ways to continue my treatment. Overall the personnel at this clinic are wonderful. Keep up the good work. Thank you, for everything you guys do for me.
Christina Eachues
Christina Eachues
Everyone was very welcoming and detail oriented. Very pleased with the staff and their communications throughout the whole visit. Looking forward to getting relief!


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