Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can take many forms. They can occur from falls, over-exertion, improper form, or incorrect technique. Unfortunately, these types of injuries impact over 3.5 million athletes per year and left untreated, some of these injuries can cause permanent bodily damage.

Common sports injuries include strains, sprains, muscle tears, dislocations, and broken bones. Thankfully, most sports injuries are treatable and can be easily managed with chiropractic care.

Dr. Tharnish and her team at the Charleston Pain Relief Center commonly treats sports-related injuries with techniques that are non-invasive and non-surgical. Each athlete with sports-related injuries will be evaluated to determine which treatment methods will best work with their individual needs.

Sports injury treatments are not a one-size-fits-all type of care. Injuries are diverse and require an individualized approach to provide proper treatment. Dr. Tharnish and her team strive to ensure each evaluation sheds light on the nature of the injury and the best way to approach care.

Treatment for North Charleston, SC athletes may include adjustments and manipulation to reduce inflammation and pain. Decompression and stretching exercises may also be recommended to help speed up the healing process. In addition to treating existing sports injuries, regular chiropractic care has been shown to prevent future injuries. With regular adjustments and holistic care, Dr. Tharnish can ensure that the body is properly aligned to reduce the risk and impact of injuries.

If you have experienced a sports-related injury that’s affecting your ability to perform and live without pain, call the Charleston Pain Relief Center. One of our caring staff members will help you schedule an appointment so you can be properly evaluated and given the best holistic treatment possible.