Stem Cell Therapy

We offer innovative, non-surgical stem cell therapy to provide relief for painful joints. Our all natural injection treatments help cushion and lubricate arthritic and injured joints. These injections can provide pain relief within days to weeks with little to no recovery time.
A woman holding her hip in pain

Why It Works

The goal of regenerative medicine is to boost your natural repair system. Stem cells can turn into various cells you may need for regeneration and repair. Because of this, stem cell therapy can replenish damaged cells and reduce inflammation. Injections are targeted to problem areas, so the body can begin to heal naturally.

Painful joints have often been treated by using pain medications, including ibuprofen or naproxen. These drugs treat the symptoms but not the source of the problem. Over time, this can lead to a need for surgery, including total joint replacements. Recovery after surgery can be long and painful, so it is often a last resort for most patients. Regenerative medicine is minimally invasive, so there is little downtime after an injection. Many patients have been able to prevent or delay surgery with this treatment.

Regenerative medicine is a good option for both acute and chronic problems. It can be used for knees, hips and shoulders to halt the progression of osteoarthritis and heal cartilage, tendon and ligament tears. It can even provide relief for patients when other nonsurgical methods have failed.

The in-office procedure is targeted to damaged joints to ensure regenerative cells are injected in the targeted area where your body needs them most. Patients often start to experience pain relief and decreased inflammation quickly, which continues to improve with time.

If you’re experiencing arthritis or pain from an injury, call us at 843-225-2550 or schedule an appointment to find out if regenerative medicine could help you.