Foot Pain

There are several reasons why a person may experience foot pain. As such, people whose daily activities are negatively affected by foot pain may wonder what treatment options they have. Depending on the underlying cause of the pain, a chiropractor may be able to provide non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical relief.

Common foot pain conditions that can be treated with chiropractic care include (but are not limited to):

  • Hammertoe

  • Achilles Tendonitis

  • Flat feet

  • High arches

  • Heel pain

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Ankle sprains

  • Heel spurs

  • Compartment Syndrome

The foot and ankle are composed of many small joints that are relatively easy to damage. Unfortunately, when the foot has become injured, it may affect a North Charleston, SC patient’s entire body. This is because feet are the body’s foundation. In order for the rest of the body to work correctly, it needs a strong foundation.
At the Charleston Pain Relief Center, Dr. Tharnish is not only experienced in treating conditions of the spine but also the extremities. By examining a patient’s condition, she and her team can help design a unique treatment plan to reduce foot and ankle pain. Treating foot pain at the source may involve gentle adjustment of the feet and ankles, temperature therapy, stretching, and helpful exercises.

After providing a thorough assessment, Dr. Tharnish may also suggest certain insoles and footwear choices that may help to keep relief long-lasting.

​​​​​​​If you’re suffering from any one of the many foot pain causes, the Charleston Pain Relief Center can help. Call us to schedule an appointment and take advantage of non-surgical treatment that doesn’t force patients to rely on pharmaceutical medications for relief.