After over 10 years of working with people to improve their health, one of the most common hurdles I still see is how to build more activity into their day. So many people I meet with are stuck thinking that they have to exercise for a hour to get any benefit from it. This simply is not true.

Think of it this way; you want to take a long weekend trip, and you want to pay cash for it. You start saving $50/month in order to reach a final goal to pay for the trip. You still plan the trip even though you don’t have the ability to pay for the trip right away. You “bank” or save the money to reach your end goal.

Exercise can work the same way. Physiologically you can benefit from “banking” your exercise by breaking it into manageable chunks. You don’t have walk 3 miles or lift weights for 30 minutes in order to reap the many benefits of physical activity. All you have to do is to get moving for 15 minutes, at least two times per day. If you can fit in more 15 minute sessions, even better!

In our physical medicine practice we see may people who are stuck in a very dangerous rut. It hurts them to move, so they stop doing most physical activity, which only compounds and makes their problems worse. I have encouraged patients to start small. Do laps around your backyard or in your driveway. The point is to get up and get moving! Our bodies were made to move, not sit. Sitting is literally detrimental to your health, especially the health of your spine.

If you don’t feel like you can even walk without pain, sit and stretch your legs out in front of you (then make sure to call me for a consultation because that’s not normal!). Get your body moving as much as you can without pain.

Get out there, and get moving!

Wishing you all the best,

Dr. Angela Tharnish