Spinal Decompression in North Charleston, SC.

Back pain due to a herniated or bulging disc can be debilitating, and in the past, surgery was the answer. Today, we have highly­-successful advanced technology that allows us to relieve this pain without surgery. We use a system that combines a machine with an exceptionally precise computer program for a treatment called spinal decompression.
A woman demonstrating how a Hill DT spinal decompression table works
Using this computer technology and the decompression machine, we are able to create a custom treatment plan that decompresses the spine and pulls the herniated or bulging material back into the disc. The computer program is created and supervised by one of our highly trained staff. It gently stretches and relaxes the spine in rotation, which, over time, separates the vertebrae. This creates a vacuum­-like effect that pulls the soft bulging disc material back into the disc. This can not only clear up back pain, but also any pain caused by the pressure put on the nerves. For example, patients who have a herniated disc in the lower back may have shooting sciatic pain down their legs. Relieving the herniated disc will cause that pain to vanish.
A Hill DT spinal decompression table
The health data displayed by a Hill DT spinal decompression table

Treatment time and frequency will depend on each patient’s unique condition; however, each spinal decompression treatment is usually about fifteen minutes. Patients usually have treatment a few times a week, and are typically finished with treatment within twelve weeks.

​​​​​​​If you are living in pain from a herniated or bulging disc, we will work with you to find a spinal decompression treatment plan that corresponds with your body. Instead of turning to dangerous pain medications that just cover up the problem, ask us if spinal decompression can help you. Call us today at 843-225-2550 or schedule an appointment online to get started.

FAQ’s About Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is an effective treatment for disc problems; bulging or herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, radiating pain, low back and neck pain.

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