Natural Injections

Muscular and Large Joint Injections with Sarapin

Sarapin is a natural biological medicine derived from the pitcher plant. Medical providers have been injecting sarapin therapeutically for pain and muscle tightness for over 50 years, with NO known side effects.

Sarapin is non-narcotic and non-steroidal and is FDA approved. Sarapin is injected into muscles (trigger points) and into joints. These injections do not go directly into the spine. Sarapin injections are very tolerable, with little to no pain, as coolant spray is used prior to the injection as a numbing agent.

Sarapin works like an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant, by decreasing pain, swelling, and inflammation, and by decreasing muscle tightness and spasms without adverse effects. It also helps with nerve-related pain by decreasing pain receptors in the nerves, as well as aiding in the breakdown of scar tissue and adhesions.

A person sitting down and holding their knee in pain

Osteoarthritis Knee Injections*

Viscosupplement (lubricant) is a safe and minimally invasive injection therapy used to treat osteoarthritis of the knee. Supartz is hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance that helps to cushion and lubricate the knee joint. Patients with osteoarthritis in the knee have a decrease in the amount and quality of hyaluronic acid naturally occurring in the knee.​​​​​

Viscosupplement injection therapy consists of 3-5 injections per knee and each injection is administered one week apart. Using sterile technique, the injection site is numbed with coolant spray prior to the injection. This makes the procedure very tolerable with mild discomfort. Administration of the gel-like supplement into the knee joint also helps to relieve pain, stiffness and improves range of motion and mobility by providing additional lubrication and cushion.

*Results depend on the severity of the OA and can last up to two years, or more.

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