Lymphatic Massage

Have you had a Lymphatic Massage in the past 2-3 years?

Woman using compression therapy pants
BOA MAX 2 compression therapy pants

Lymphatic Massage With the BOA MAX 2

The BOA MAX 2 is a medical-grade automated lymphatic massage device equipped with 24 chambers and 12 valves for targeted therapeutic compression. During treatment, the device pumps air into each chamber to move lymph and other fluids away from the target area. This gentle movement stimulates lymphatic drainage throughout the entire body at a much higher pressure than traditional massage.

The mechanism follows Dr. Vodder’s proven manual lymphatic drainage method of moving skin over tissue in repetitive motions at the right pressure, speed, and direction. This technique has been welldocumented to restore tissues and improve function in several body systems.

The specialists at Charleston Pain Relief Center can find the right protocol that will successfully relieve your pain and help you reach your physical goals, whether it’s recovering from exercise soreness or boosting overall wellbeing. Depending on the protocol, each session with the BOA MAX 2 lasts about 45 to 60 minutes.

Therapeutic Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Enhanced Circulation

The BOA MAX 2 gently applies unidirectional pressure to contract and relax peripheral veins in the arms and legs. This technique assists in returning blood back to the heart, resulting in improved circulation, elimination of toxins, and the delivery of more oxygen-rich blood to the body’s tissues.

Improved Digestion

The whole-body device design allows the BOA MAX 2 to simultaneously massage the abdomen and lower extremities, bringing relaxation to abdominal muscles and tissues for healthy digestion and bowel movements.

Lymphatic Flow

The BOA MAX 2 targets the hard-to-reach peripheral and deep lymph nets, improving lymphatic flow to and from damaged tissues. When lymph is properly circulated around the body, the immune system can quickly identify potential threats and work to prevent illness.

Muscular Function

The cyclical pressurization not only drains excess lymph, but also works out tension in muscles throughout the body. The BOA MAX 2 delivers a large-scale muscle massage that matches the work of several therapists working at the same time.

Skin Health

Improved blood and lymph circulation leads to greater oxygen delivery and waste removal in the skin. The BOA MAX 2 helps improve elasticity in all layers of the skin for a more uniform and healthy appearance.

Applications & Programs
Lipolysis & Cavitation

This series of algorithms removes fat deposits under the skin with targeted lymphatic drainage and compression massage. Patients see great results with this program after cryoshaping or other cryolipolysis treatment.

Sports Massage

This protocol digs into sore muscles and tissues with a combination of strong compression and pulsating massage techniques, based on Dr. Vodder’s manual massage method.


The BOA MAX 2’s lymphatic drainage massage relieves tension and stress from “heavy legs” syndrome and varicose veins prophylaxis, used specifically for whole-body relaxation therapy.

Slimming & Cellulite

This program pairs BOA’s fat removal techniques with methods to reduce water accumulation for effective skin tightening and slimming therapy.

Lymphatic Drainage

Adapted directly from Dr. Vodder’s manual lymphatic drainage techniques, this protocol uses various sweeping motions to stretch the skin and redirect lymph flow.

The BOA MAX 2 lymphatic massage device offers a variety of gentle, non-invasive treatment protocols that accelerate recovery after exercise, restore function in multiple body systems, and improve overall appearance. Call us at 843-225-2550 or schedule an appointment to get started today.