Pain in the temple area. Throbbing that effects your concentration. A dull ache that slows your thinking and annoys you all day. Do any of these sound familiar? If not, chances are you have someone in your life, that knows these symptoms all too well. Millions of Americans suffer on a regular basis with an assortment of different types of headaches. Many people have resolved to live with the headaches, but there might yet be something to try.

Research dating back nearly 20 years, has shown that treatment of the neck helps in decreasing the frequency and intensity of most headaches. Read a summary Here. The research has been clear that drug therapy for the treatment of headaches is 70% more likely to cause an unwanted side effect.

In our office, with proper treatment, we’ve had so many success stories of people who have been given their lives back. Read one of our most recent success story Here.

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Wishing you all a healthful day!

Dr. Angela