Knee pain is becoming a common experience among Americans of all ages. In the past, knee pain was associated with running, dancing, skiing, other strenuous exercises, and old age. Lifestyle changes today have contributed to an increase in knee pain cases. Increased auto accidents, poor posture from blue-collar jobs, and poor diet have also contributed to joint-related pain. Knee pain is a big contributor to joint-related disability. This is why patients with knee pain should seek the best care and treatment.

Chiropractors come in handy when dealing with knee pain. They are qualified to treat most problems that affect the nervous system as well as the musculoskeletal system. They use alternative methods that target nerves, muscles, joints, and bones. Chiropractors offer drug-free solutions that are good for the patient. There are different ways that a chiropractor can help you to deal with knee pain. The following are some of the ways that you can expect a chiropractor to treat knee joint pain.

Finding The Source Of The Pain

The first step toward any chiropractic treatment is finding the root of the problem. As the patient, you know that your pain comes from an accident, or arthritis, or old age. However, the chiropractor checks your nervous system function to understand where the problem is. Nerve misfiring, joint tension, and spinal misalignment can cause joint pain. Once the chiropractor finds the root of the problem, he or she can prepare a detailed treatment plan.

Hip And Knee Manipulation

A chiropractor performs hip and knee manipulation to mobilize the joint. This helps to increase the range of motion for the joint. Hip and knee manipulation helps to increase circulation in the joint and adjacent muscles. This reduces inflammation, swelling, and tension in the joint. It is a drug-free option that helps to deal with chronic knee pain.

Correcting Spinal Misalignment

Correcting spinal misalignment is the core business of chiropractic treatment. The spine holds the spinal cord and the head, which is the central nervous system. It controls all bodily reflexes, awareness, movements, decisions, speech, and memory. When something’s amiss in the central nervous system, then other parts of the body cannot function well. Chiropractic spinal alignment helps to fix problems in other parts of the body.

Trigger-Point Or Myofascial Therapy

Myofascial or trigger point physical therapy refers to a type of therapy used by chiropractors to treat chronic pain. Myofascial pain is caused by tightness and sensitivity in the myofascial muscles. These are the tissues that support and surround muscles in the body. If they are knotted and tense, they put pressure on joints, causing pain. The chiropractor uses myofascial release therapy to release tension and stiffness by stretching and applying pressure on affected areas.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping is a therapeutic technique that is used widely by chiropractors and athletes. It facilitates lymphatic drainage by microscopically lifting the skin and joints. It helps to control pain, swelling, and movement control. Kinesio taping on the knee helps to improve circulation, control mobility, and reduce swelling. It is a rehabilitative technique used to help in stabilizing joints and ligaments.
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