We frequently see patients in our office with unresolved knee pain. Many times they have been to other providers for treatment and have only experienced minimal, temporary, relief. Often times the patient has lost mobility due to the pain in the knee. Many of these patients experience swelling, clicking, grinding, or stiffness on a regular basis. They are usually frustrated and tired of not being able to do the activities they want to do.

When I evaluate a patient, for any condition, I am focused on finding the cause of the symptom, and not singularly focused on the symptom itself. This can lead me away from the site of pain in my evaluation, but can unlock the true source of the patients’ problem. For many of our knee pain patients the evaluation will lead us to their pelvis and hip joints.

Remember the children’s song “Dry/Dem Bones?” Well, this song often plays in my head when evaluating a knee pain patient. The femur (thigh bone) makes the hip joint at the pelvis, and at the other end, the knee joint. When a problem occurs in one area of the system it can have a domino effect, causing problems in another area. So, what I often find is that a patient having knee pain will also have a pelvic alignment issue. If the pelvic issue is not corrected the knee pain may never fully resolve.

Are you having knee pain? Do you know someone who is? Maybe they need a thorough work-up to determine the source of their knee pain. Maybe conservative, non-evasive treatments will be just what the Dr. will order.

I have a team of healthcare professionals that will work to find the best solution for the problem. Our medical providers offer highly effective injection therapies using naturally based materials, and our rehabilitation treatments focus on increasing joint function. Click Here to schedule a personal time to learn more. Please share this information with anyone you know who may be suffering with knee pain. Feel free to email me with questions, cprcreferral@gmail.com.

All the best,

Dr. Angela Tharnish

Chiropractic Physician